Our Mission

True Property Inspections goes beyond addressing just the visible damage.  
True Property Inspections offers comprehensive services to proactively identify structural issues in your community. With certifications in moisture control and a commitment to industry standards, we excel in uncovering root causes and providing solutions for community associations.

Our experienced team delivers precise inspection reports, serving as strategic guides for communities to address identified issues. Each inspection package includes an onsite visual examination and a personalized report with pinpointed concerns. Tailored to your community's needs, we also provide valuable resources such as bidding documents, preventative maintenance suggestions, and guidance on selecting the right bid for capital improvements.

Trust True Property Inspections as your partner in maintaining a secure and resilient Central Florida community.

What sets us apart

Experience the True Signature Service that distinguishes us from the competition. Our mission is to prioritize your needs, safeguarding your community's structures, preserving capital reserves, and ensuring peace of mind.


We proudly hold industry certifications in five key areas.

As the sole inspection company in the U.S. with expertise in moisture control, general contractor services, roofing, mold-related services, and microbial remediation, we bring a comprehensive approach to safeguarding your property. With over 40 years of expertise in structural integrity and waterproofing, trust us to accurately assess and address the unique needs of your community.


Our expertise ensures a higher return on your investment.

Empower your community with cost-effective care by accurately defining and prioritizing its needs. We help you proactively identify and implement long-lasting solutions that effectively halt water intrusion. True Property Inspections is committed to delivering results that endure.


Our commitment goes beyond just structural assessments.

Our comprehensive approach safeguards your property's integrity and contributes to long-term financial health. We go beyond surface-level inspections, identifying concerns and implementing preventative measures for the overall resilience of your community. Trust us to be your proactive partner in building a strong, financially sound community for a prosperous future.

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