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True Property Inspections goes beyond addressing just the visible damage.  

meet our team

James Ilardi, Owner & Chief Executive Officer

Jim has devoted over 24 years to championing accountability and integrity within the water intrusion and reconstruction industry. He established True Property Inspections to support Central Florida communities in protecting their buildings while wisely investing their reserves. Widely acknowledged throughout the southeast region, he has earned acclaim for his expertise in construction defect identification and resolution. His enduring dedication to cost containment, innovative reconstruction strategies for complex projects, and adept leadership in achieving goals within budget have solidified his reputation. Distinguished as one of three Council-Certified Moisture Control Consultants in Florida and among a select 10 in the United States, Jim possesses knowledge in building science and effective moisture prevention strategies. He actively imparts his knowledge by teaching continuing education courses by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. These courses aim to educate community association managers and Association Board members on enduring solutions for their communities. Emphasizing the significance of regular maintenance and adherence to industry-standard practices, Jim advocates for the prevention of structural issues while safeguarding community reserves. Presently, he holds certifications in all facets of True Property Inspection's specialization, including Certified General Contractor (CGC), Certified Roofing Contractor (CCC), Certified Moisture Control Consultant (CMCC), Mold Related Services Remediator (MRSR), and Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor (CMRS). His diverse certifications showcase his comprehensive expertise in the field. During his leisure time, Jim enjoys spending quality moments with family and friends, fishing and camping.

Barbara Ilardi, Co-Owner & Chief Administration Officer

Barbara thrives when others succeed and actively seeks opportunities to celebrate the achievements of our team while supporting their personal and professional growth. Guided by the principles of honesty, integrity, and respect, she believes in treating people the way she wants to be treated, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment. With over 30 years of experience as a business owner, Barbara oversees all aspects of administration, including accounting, HR, legal matters, and more. Her extensive background includes prior work as a paralegal at a prestigious law firm in Chicago, where she honed her attention to detail and commitment, qualities she brings to her current position. Outside of work, Barbara dedicates time to her family and engages in activities such as cooking, biking, camping, gardening, and exploring holistic health practices. Her multifaceted experiences contribute to her well-rounded approach to both professional and personal pursuits.

Silvana Kousiry, Account Executive

Silvana is fueled by a daily motivation to assist others and set a positive example for her two sons. Guided by a "carpe diem" mentality, she maximizes each day to achieve her own goals and support others in reaching theirs. Her primary focus is on cultivating relationships with condominium and townhome associations, and their community association managers. In each interaction, Silvana sees an opportunity to serve and help communities overcome challenges. With over 10 years of experience in business development, team leadership, and strategic planning, Silvana has been a driving force in revitalizing underperforming teams, enhancing productivity, and surpassing business objectives. She is a firm believer in continuous self-improvement, engaging in a personal competition to become a better version of herself every day. Outside the office, Silvana dedicates her time to serving at her church, enjoying nature walks with her dogs, tending to her garden, and actively pursuing self-growth. Her multifaceted approach reflects her commitment to both professional excellence and personal development.

Alex Schwappach, Account Executive

Alex is a dedicated goal-setter, holding himself to high standards and deriving satisfaction not just from reaching but surpassing his objectives. He thrives on meeting new people and collaboratively working towards achieving their goals, firmly believing in the adage "your success is my success." For Alex, fulfilling his role means ensuring he has contributed to helping others fulfill theirs, particularly in supporting condominium and townhome associations in identifying and overcoming challenges. With seven years of experience in business development and logistics, Alex has played a pivotal role in establishing efficient operations, coordinating engineering projects, and ensuring positive customer service experiences. His background also includes academic pursuits in fire science technology, and he previously served as a volunteer firefighter in Colorado Springs. Alex embraces a work hard, play hard philosophy. Beyond the office, you can find him at Disney, engaging in cooking endeavors, or dedicating time to his fitness routine. His commitment to both professional excellence and a balanced lifestyle reflects his holistic approach to success.

Rachel Ilardi, Marketing Director

Rachel is driven by a passion for storytelling, firmly believing that everyone possesses a unique narrative worth sharing. Her mission is to aid individuals in communicating their vision and achieving their goals. At True Property Inspections, she contributes to connecting the company's mission with the needs of community associations by fostering collaboration through various communication tools, including explainer videos, proposals, websites, social media, and more. With an award-winning background spanning industries such as utilities, technology, construction, and economic development, Rachel has honed her skills and built relationships through successful campaigns benefiting each organization and its customers. She earned her bachelor's degree in public relations & advertising with a minor in writing & rhetoric from the University of Central Florida, complemented by a certificate in the principles of public relations. An active member of the Florida Public Relations Association, Rachel previously served on the Board of Directors as the vice president of student outreach. Prior to this, she served as vice president of membership and then president of FPRA’s Central Florida student chapter, Quotes, the PR Club at UCF. Beyond her professional commitments, she dedicates time to her church's youth and children ministries, when she's not enjoying moments with friends and family.

Duke, Chief Woofing Officer & Treats Manager

Duke is the epitome of a social butterfly, embodying the term "people person" in a four-legged form. His love for socializing, particularly when treats are involved, is unparalleled. Every morning, Duke eagerly heads to the office, making the rounds to visit each team member for his daily dose of pets. He extends his friendliness to vendors, expresses his disapproval at passing trains with a bark, and contributes to boosting overall morale in the workplace. As a Labrador Retriever, Duke found his forever home with Jim and Barbara after a serendipitous encounter at Southlake Animal League. It was love at first bark, and since then, Duke and his human companions have been inseparable. Outside of his professional duties, Duke enjoys quality time with family, embraces the great outdoors through camping adventures, hits the dog beach for some playful moments, fetches his beloved toys, and consistently showcases his good-boy demeanor.

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