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safeguard your property

True Property Inspections is the key to safeguarding your property because we don't stop at detection, we provide solutions.
Water intrusion is the cause of most underlying damage. True Property Inspections specializes in identifying and addressing the root cause of waterproofing issues. Our CEO holds a Certified Moisture Control Consultant designation, which gives us the skills and training to detect and resolve problems that others may miss. We provide comprehensive inspection reports and customized solutions for building issues, including detailed descriptions, photos, maintenance plans, and repair protocols.

We offer seven essential inspections for condominium and townhome communities in collaboration with our engineering partners.

concierge services

From start to finish, we've got your inspections covered.
Our experts conduct a thorough property inspection, developing a tailored plan to address any identified issues. We offer guidance on contractor selection criteria, covering work protocols, insurance requirements, warranties, and materials. And we provide preventative maintenance recommendations to extend your building's lifespan.


Elevate the longevity of your buildings with proactive maintenance.
Pre-inspections catch and address issues when they're small, preventing major structural problems. These inspections prepare you for Milestone inspections and Structural Integrity Reserve Studies, allowing you to review and repair issues before the state-mandated inspections with reserve requirements.

structural integrity

reserve study (SIRS)

Empower your association with the insights and plans necessary for structural longevity.
Safeguard the future of your community through SIRS. The SIRS is required for communities three stories or higher and evaluates your building's critical components, their current condition, remaining life, and future repair costs. These components are now required by law to be fully funded by the time replacement is needed.

True Property Inspections and our engineering partners will formulate an annual reserve deposit schedule to help your community stay up to date with preventative maintenance and assist in future reserve planning.

milestone i and ii

Your safety is our priority - trust us for your Milestone inspections.
Our purpose is to ensure that critical components of buildings three stories or higher are structurally sound and safe for their intended use. True Property Inspections and our engineering partners deliver comprehensive reports and necessary next steps, meeting state law requirements for association and community-wide distribution.

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construction defect

With over 20 years of experience, we're your defect experts.
Construction defects, often stemming from wrong materials, skipped steps, or sequencing errors, can plague entire communities. If it's a defect, we'll help guide your strategy and team assembly for efficient correction. Your community’s peace of mind begins with us.


Elevate safety and compliance in your community.
When it comes to your community's stairways, safety is paramount. Local municipalities view any stairway issues as critical for "life and safety". Addressing these issues promptly is not only crucial for maintaining municipal compliance but also for ensuring the safety of residents.

Roof certification

Discover how we can help you navigate insurance requirements for older roofs.
Insurance companies frequently require inspections for roofs aged 15 years or more to ensure they have at least five years of remaining life.

Discover our solutions to maintain insurance coverage and renewals for your aging roof.


Safeguard your investment and ensure a smooth transition to ownership.
True Property Inspections offers a comprehensive visual inspection, helping to ensure that all building components meet building code and industry standards. We bring decades of industry experience to thoroughly review each building for signs of construction defects.
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