Stairway Inspection Case Study

Learn how True Property Inspections helps communities protect their reserves.

Stairway violations are considered a major “life & safety” issue by local municipalities and Florida Building Code. Failure to comply with code can have dangerous impacts to residents and result in hefty fines and penalties for the association.

True Property Inspections received a call from a community association worried about the condition of their stairways. The stairs were in bad shape, creating “life & safety” issues across the community. The Board of Directors recognized the severity of the problem, acknowledging that it posed not only safety risks but also financial challenges. The prospect of a complete replacement presented a challenge, as it would have a significant impact on their reserve funds. Faced with this predicament, the association was uncertain about where to start the process.

Following discussions with the Board of Directors, our team suggested that the process begin with a comprehensive inspection of all stairways in the community. This approach would not only pinpoint existing issues but also outline the necessary scope of work, providing a clear protocol for the future bidding process. Without such guidance, proposals from different vendors would be challenging to compare.

Understanding the urgency of the matter, we promptly dispatched an inspector to the property to begin the process. Initially, we conducted a thorough inspection to tailor the proposal to the community's specific needs. Once the proposal was approved, a team member well-versed in the Florida Building Code inspected the property, documenting areas where the stairways deviated from code, identifying “life & safety" issues and specifying corrective measures.

Subsequently, our expert welder assessed the requirements of each stairway component, outlining repair strategies for stair treads, risers, stringers, landings, and handrails. Once his notes were complete, both team members visited the property together to consolidate their findings and collaborate on a final protocol. They worked together to blend their diverse expertise and create a cohesive protocol, documented in the report, which would guide future vendor bidding guidelines.

With the finalized report in hand, our team met with the association's Board of Directors to present the findings and address any questions. The report showed that repairs, rather than a complete replacement of the stairways, could resolve the “life & safety” issues and meet code compliance. This solution resulted in substantial cost savings and provided the association with a financially viable path forward. The report also included our team's unique waterproofing expertise, as our CEO holds a Certified Moisture Control Consultant designation, ensuring that the stairways would not only be repaired correctly but also protected against future water-related issues.

True Property Inspections provided the community association's Board of Directors with more than just a solution; we presented a roadmap for confident and cost-effective progress. The “right sized” scope of work to repair rather than replace the stairways alleviated the financial strain of the project and allowed the Board to move forward with assurance that their community's well-being and financial health were securely intact.