SIRS and Milestone Case Study

Learn how True Property Inspections helps communities protect their reserves.

Community associations with three or more stories find themselves navigating uncharted waters as they work to complete their required Milestone and Structural Integrity Reserve Study before the December 31, 2024, deadline.*

Concerned about potential deficiencies in their buildings, a community association enlisted our expertise to conduct its required inspections, providing the community with essential insights to protect their investment and give them peace of mind.

Recognizing the individuality of each community, our team initiated the process with a detailed visual inspection, creating a tailored proposal to address the unique needs of the community while fulfilling the state-mandated requirements. 

A pivotal aspect of the SIRS also included delving into the community's maintenance history. Collaborating closely with the association, we compiled essential documents, ranging from past inspections and previous reserve studies to documentation of major capital improvement projects and filed claims. This research allowed us to construct a holistic view of the buildings and the remaining life of each component.

With this information in hand, our team conducted a second visit to the property, accompanied by our engineering partners. These three experts in roofing, waterproofing, and engineering worked in unison to conduct an exhaustive examination of the community. The goal of this collaborative effort was to create a comprehensive understanding of the buildings, identify their specific needs, and formulate a strategic plan for potential repairs and continued maintenance.

Once we drafted our findings, the team conducted a final onsite visual inspection to make any changes and complete the report. The final report showed very little delayed maintenance, putting the community in a good position for its future reserve funding and maintenance plan. There were only two items identified for further maintenance and repairs:

  1. Elevator modernization – This is an update of the controls, which is required by law as a “life & safety” issue.
  2. Stairway repairs – The stair treads, risers and handrails needed repairs for compliance with Florida Building Code. This is also considered a “life & safety” issue.

The SIRS outlined a detailed analysis of the building components and their remaining life. This information was used to develop a reserve deposit schedule, outlining how much the association would need to deposit annually for each component to be fully funded by the time replacement is needed. While there was a higher upfront cost in the first two years, the cost of reserve deposits dropped significantly past that point to about 20% of the initial deposits required. We were also able to recommend several cost-saving options on their future capital reserve components, saving additional funds.

Our team provided the association’s Board of Directors with the final Milestone inspection report and SIRS, as well as the required Milestone documentation to share with their residents. We met with them several times to discuss the findings, answer their questions and help them take the right next steps for their community. The Board was grateful to the team for providing a comprehensive report combining our roofing and waterproofing expertise with the engineering expertise of our partners. This blend of knowledge also helped to build cost-saving solutions that would safeguard their community’s structural integrity and reserves.

Our goal in every inspection is to not only fulfill the necessary requirements but provide the association with tangible benefits and next steps to properly care for their community. Beyond regulatory compliance, the final Milestone inspection and SIRS reports equipped the community with a roadmap that outlined the strategic maintenance, repairs and reserve funding needed to ensure a prosperous future.

*The initial SIRS must be completed by December 31, 2024, if the association existed on or before July 1, 2022, and is under the control of unit owners other than the developer. A Milestone inspection must be completed by the same date if the building reached 30 years of age before July 1, 2022.