Pre-inspection Case Study

Learn how True Property Inspections helps communities protect their reserves.

Many community associations with buildings three stories or more are concerned as they prepare to complete their state-mandated Milestone inspection and Structural Integrity Reserve Study (SIRS).

In preparation for these inspections, we counsel community associations to complete a pre-inspection beforehand. This proactive step provides associations with an initial report spotlighting any identified issues within the community.

Armed with this early knowledge, associations can strategically address and rectify any problem areas before embarking on the official Milestone or SIRS, which come with stringent deadlines for completion of work or allocation of reserves. Resolving these problem areas early also eliminates the need for a Milestone Phase II inspection, which often requires expensive, intrusive testing.

At one of our Lunch & Learns, a community association manager, aware of issues within their community, sought our expertise and requested a thorough assessment of the property. Offering a free consultation, our team visited the property and subsequently scheduled a meeting with the Board of Directors to delve into a few issues that warranted attention.

During this discussion, we not only addressed their questions about the identified issues but also recommended the completion of a comprehensive pre-inspection for more in-depth insights. This would include targeted repair recommendations, emphasizing cost-effective solutions that could save both time and money.

Appreciating our practical approach, the Board agreed to proceed with the pre-inspection. Our team conducted three additional site visits, meticulously inspecting the roof, siding, stairs, landings, and handrails. Upon completion, we compiled a more detailed report, presenting the findings to the Board of Directors once again.

The comprehensive report outlined issues identified in all inspected components and proposed repair solutions for each problem. Additionally, it included waterproofing measures to be implemented post-repairs, ensuring ongoing protection of their investment that would allow the components to stand the test of time.

The Board, previously unaware of many identified issues, expressed gratitude for our team's dual capability—spotting problems and providing lasting solutions. Furthermore, by developing repair strategies instead of recommending replacements, the association could utilize existing reserves for funding, avoiding the need for loans or special assessments.

Empowered by the insights from our report, the Board now has the means to complete necessary repairs before their Milestone inspection and SIRS, offering the community peace of mind for the future.