Understanding the Value of a Preventative Inspection

True Property Inspections goes beyond addressing just the visible damage.  

In a time of ongoing legislative changes, being one step ahead is an unspoken necessity for community associations. A preventative inspection allows just that. This strategic tool seamlessly evaluates your property, providing insights that go beyond the surface and offer a roadmap of next steps to secure the future of your community.

What is a preventive inspection?

A preventive inspection, if done properly, should provide the following:

  1. An unintrusive assessment of your property
  2. A comprehensive inspection report
  3. An in-depth “how to” maintenance report designed to eliminate costly structural damage in the future
  4. A guide on how to manage reserves and assessment dues

Who should get one?

All multi-family residential buildings benefit from preventive inspections, however, older buildings and coastal buildings are more likely to have structural issues that are not visible.

If your community is three stories or more, we highly recommend completing a preventative inspection before completing your Milestone inspection and Structural Integrity Reserve Study. Once completed, these inspections require strict timelines to complete any necessary capital improvement projects and start putting funds away for the next replacement project.

What’s the benefit?

A preventative inspection ensures condominium and association boards have a complete understanding of their community’s wellbeing and the remaining lifespan of their building components. With this information in hand, they are more prepared to troubleshoot any identified issues before they become large, structural issues.

This preparation is also important as continued legislative changes impact how the Board of Directors manage capital improvement projects and the association’s reserves.

Finally, a comprehensive preventative inspection report should provide your community with an ongoing maintenance plan to prolong the lifespan of your building components. Actively working based off these recommendations will save your association time and money, while wisely investing your reserves for the future.

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