Prepare Your Property for Hurricane Season

True Property Inspections goes beyond addressing just the visible damage.  

As we enter hurricane season from June 1 to November 30, it's crucial to take proactive steps to protect your home from potential damage. This preparation is not only essential for the safety of residents, but will also support your association through any potential insurance claims following the storm.


Storm-Proofing Your Property: Essential Physical Preparations

- Clean Gutters and Downspouts:

Ensure that your gutters and downspouts are clear of debris to allow proper water runoff. This prevents water from pooling around your home and causing damage.

- Clear Trees Away from Buildings:

Trim trees and branches that are too close to your home to reduce the risk of damage from falling limbs during storms.

- Secure Outdoor Items:

Secure deck furniture and other loose items to prevent them from becoming projectiles during high winds. Clear patios of any debris that could cause damage.


Pre-Storm Planning: Critical Steps for Emergency Readiness

- Organize Important Paperwork:

Keep all important paperwork, including insurance documents, on a portable hard drive or in a fire and weatherproof safe that can be easily accessed in case of evacuation or property damage.

- Establish Emergency Contacts:

Identify and establish a relationship with emergency service providers before a storm hits. Compile a list of all emergency and nonemergency services in your area with a direct contact for each. This will help ease communication post-storm.

- Document Your Property:

Take plenty of pictures and document the condition of your property before a storm hits. This documentation will be invaluable when filing an insurance claim for any damages.

- Perform a Pre-Storm Inspection:

Schedule a thorough inspection of your property before hurricane season. Address any maintenance issues or leaks promptly to prevent them from worsening during a storm. Keep a copy of this report and any completed maintenance with your important paperwork, as it will be essential in supporting a storm-related insurance claim.

- Hire a Consultant Before the Storm:

Hire a consultant who can facilitate post-storm resources and vendors. Vendors will be in high demand following a storm, so it’s essential to build a working relationship before the storm to secure any needed resources. Look for professionals with certifications in waterproofing and mold remediation, as these certifications ensure they’re equipped to handle storm-related issues effectively.

True Property Inspections offers a monthly retainer service, for a nominal fee, which includes:

·       A customized hurricane preparedness kit, complete with your local emergency numbers and hotlines

·       Post-storm inspection services to assess your community’s needs

·       Access to our team of experts and vendor partners, providing any necessary repairs to protect the integrity of your community (The vendor’s scope of work would be priced separately from our retainer fee based on the insurance claim.)

·       Our 20+ years of storm restoration experience to support your insurance claim and help your community navigate storm recovery process

These resources allow you to make informed decisions and create a comprehensive plan to protect your property.

By following these tips and investing in proper preparation, you can minimize the risk of damage to your property and ensure a smoother recovery process in the event of a hurricane or severe storm. Don't wait until it's too late – start preparing your property today.